Beauty || Purple Sterling Short Bob for Venecia!

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Hello Everybody!

I started my career as a hairstylist so I wanted to make a HUGE first impression of my skills, a dramatic change...

Let me introduce you to my model, Venecia;
There is no doubt how pretty she is, she had faded green hair, a short haircut and nice facial features, so I asked her if she would like to collab with me, and she happily agreed!

I wanted to give her a edgy look so first i bleached her hair, tone it and dye it silver, then made the gradient with the colors

I cut her hair with an electric razor and give some texture with scissors and volume with waves...

For the make up I dyed her eyebrows, and applied lashes extensions, I added glittery eye shadows to match her hair and used full face contour.

For the dramatic final touch I used a dark matte lipstick.

The whole process took me around 6 hours, I was exhausted but the final results were totally worth it, she was super happy and couldn't believe it was her in the mirror reflection.

Thank you for reading!

I'll leave you with the before & after pics

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