About & F.A.Q

Hello everybody!

This blog is about lifestyle, fashion, make up and tutorials.

My name is Kelly Lark, I'm freelance producer from Panama.

I'm an art enthusiast, I like to draw and paint (digital and paper), review products in my blog and make video tutorials about make up, or music video edits in my free time.
I'm joining in the world of music so lets see what happen there lol!

I love clothes, Asian fashion, anime, manga and video games.

My hobbies are related to arts, beauty and aesthetics; everything that come from my mind have to be expressed in a beautiful way with my hands.

I consider myself a positive person , neat , creative, responsible , persistent and enthusiastic, full of energy and humor able to develop several tasks at once

I have +3 years experience in management of social networks ( facebook fan pages , blogger, twitter , tumblr , instagram ) and a good social engagement through my photos and videos and good communication with my followers.
If you want to ask something go ahead, just be nice and i will answer

Frequently Asked Questions


✩Real name?
Kelly Lark

Nov, 21

Half Phillipino/Spanish born in Panama

✩How many languages do you speak?

✩Do you have pets?
2 dogs


₊✩‧₊✧Edits Related✧₊✩‧₊

✩What do you use to edit your photos?

Sony Vegas Pro


₊✩‧₊✧Blog Related✧₊✩‧₊
✩Where did you get your theme
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₊✩‧₊✧Look Related✧₊✩‧₊

✩What color are your eyes?

✩How do you call your style?
I don’t have a name for it, I just wear what i want, what makes me feel comfortable and
I dress how i feel and thats all.


₊✩‧₊✧Hair Related✧₊✩‧₊

✩It that your real hair?

✩What color is your real hair?

✩How do you keep your hair long and healthy?
I use lots of treatments on it.

✩Who do your hair?
Nobody but me, i cut, dye and style it by myself.

✩How do you cut and style your hair?
i trim my fringe and my ends occasionally and i don’t do anything to style my hair


₊✩‧₊✧Skin Related✧₊✩‧₊

✩How do you stay so clean?

I've been using skin products since i was a kid, when i got 15 years old begun using more products like Precision CHANEL, pH Advantage and others; and now i use spf concealers, moisturizers, dr Perricone, dr. Brandt, CHANEL, and Shiseido anti aging creams just to mention some, i stay out of the sun and always put on lots of sunscreen when i go outdoors.

Also I use scrub and, facial vaporizer and moisturizer masks to make facials at home twice per week.



✩Do you like anime?
Of Course

✩Whats your favorite?
Impossible to have only one favorite, so check here to see what animes i've watched

✩What kind of music & bands do you like?
Metalcore, Electro pop, Experimental pop and check here to see which bands i like :)