Review: FLIPPER SPLASH ANORAK (Holographic Hooded Raincoat) by Ragged Priest

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Hello darlings!
How have you been?

Im super tired because of work but oh well...

Today i have a review for you!!!

Im really excited because i found the super cool store on ig called Eros Mortis and they made a new year giveaway, the prize was a gorgeous holo raincoat and i've always wanted holo stuff so i joined in and I WON

When i saw the post i cant believe it until i saw my name

You should follow them and check their website

All their clothes are original and made by a group of designers and innovative artists, so if you have original style you this is the site for you.

UK based trend setters The Ragged Priest's new S/S 2015 collection is like stepping into a 70s pool party online. Short shorts, rainbows, and bell bottoms. Celebrate free love and a don't-give-a-fuck attitude with this colorful collection. 

Light blue iridescent zip up hoodie jacket with sweater material underneath arms.

As you can see, it looks exactly the same as in the stock picture, which is awesome because you get what you see in their site.
I love how it reflects all the lights and how I blend so well with it in the night and the lights of the city.

The Shipping was really fast, they used priority mail so i got the package before that i expected.
It came with some cool stickers that you can use anywhere you want.

The customer service was the best, they answered all my questions and were super sweet all the time.

The product is true size, i got a Medium and it fits perfectly
I wanted to be as dramatic as possible so i took the pictures in the night, because even with low light this coat reflects everything.

The quality is good, as you can see in my pictures there is no flaws or imperfections

the sides are made of cotton
and it have 2 big pockets
and it is beautifully sewn inside
i got a lots of compliments and I heard people whispering 'girl looks so cool', 'she looks like an astronaut' 'oh that's so futuristic man' and so on...
I really like this coat, it doesn't matter if there is no rain, you can use it to keep you warm.

I will give 5 stars () to this product because is awesome, versatille, have a good quality and its unique.

For me this is a must have, you really should check EROS MORTIS site.
they have lots of original stuff made by designers so what are you waiting for?

Thank you for reading my long review, I hope it helps you in the future.
See you the next week!

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