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Good day everybody!

Today I'm making a review of Profusion Cosmetics!!!

But first of all, what's Profusion Cosmetics?

They are a make up brand based on Southern California, that offers quality and affordable products for our everyday use.

They has been expanded at the point that you can get their products almost everywhere (at least in my country).

I love this brand so much because the design of the palettes looks super professional, but the best is that they are a CRUELTY FREE brand.

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I fell in love when i saw this palette, i mean, just look at it, its a lovely chocolate bar eyeshadow palette, it came with a brush and a pencil liner and a mirror.

It has 15 shadows (shimmer and matte)

And as you can see they are highly pigmented, but for some reason the shimmer shadows have a little bit easy to apply than the matte shadows, that's why i recommend to use a primer before the application, this way they will last longer and the colors will look better.

I thought the shimmer shadows will spread all over my face but it wasn't like that, they really stick just where I applied, which is awesome (and honestly that is how it should be, but some eye shadows looks beautiful when you buy them but they spread everywhere but your eyes ugh).
The best of all is that you can choose between 3 different palettes, or buy them all because they are super affordable and their quality is the best in my opinion.

Absolute Conceal Kit

As you can see this concealer kit is huge
is more than i need to be honest but i wanted to try it anyways.

I'm not a big fan of  contour and conceal because my country have a humid weather and is uncomfortable to have layers of make up on so I always keep it simple if I have to go out.

Buuut, I just cannot stand to miss the chance to own this huge palette specially for the price, so i bought it hehe.

As you can see the concealers and correctors are super creamy and they blend very well, to each other, it didn't felt or look heavy in my opinion so i do recommend this one too, and next time i will get the contour palette and make a full tutorial to see how it goes.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading and see you the next week!

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